AST Inventory Services

We provide Inventory Services in parts of Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and North London

The areas we cover include: Herts: Barnet, Borehamwood, Broxborne, Cheshunt, Enfield, Hatfield, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Potters Bar, St Albans, Shenley, Stevenage, Ware, Watford, Welwyn Garden City | Essex: Harlow | Beds: Bedford, Luton, Stotfold and all surrounding arears.

Inventory Reports

All our Inventory Reports are professionally compiled in accordance with the recognised industry standards and can be tailored to your requirements. We always include detailed descriptions which we combine with digital colour photography on all reports.

We visit the rental property and undertake a full Inventory inspection itemising the fixtures, fittings, contents and the condition of the property at that time including any furniture, if applicable.

Inventory services

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Check In

We can arrange to meet your Tenant at the rental property. We can do this on or before the start of their Tenancy.

We will go through the Inventory Report with them and obtain their signature.

We will also, where possible, take the meter readings and agree them with your Tenant. We can also list and hand over the property’s keys should you require us to do so.

Interim Reports

When a property is let, it is beneficial to both the Landlord and the Tenant to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Effective communication is very important and any issues relating to the property need to be sorted out not only quickly, but also in a way that is fair to both parties.

Both Landlords and Tenants can benefit from our Interim Reports service which can be arranged once a Tenancy is underway, at an appropriate interval to suit your requirements. An Interim Report will detail any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings. This can alert Landlords to any damage that may have occurred due to faulty equipment, such as a leaky washing machine or perhaps possible mistreatment of furniture or carpets.

An Interim Report can alert both Landlords and Tenants to any potential liabilities that they themselves may be responsible for. By dealing with any such things early on, both parties can take the necessary steps to resolve matters in order to avoid unexpected and costly problems which may become worse during the remainder of the Tenancy.

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Check Out

We visit the rental property at the end of the Tenancy either with or without the Tenant present. The property is inspected throughout and a note is made of any differences between the present condition of the property and that described on the Inventory Report which was compiled before the start of the Tenancy.

The Check-Out Report is compiled and will include specific details with regard to the general condition and cleanliness of the property. We will also note any items that are now broken, damaged or missing from the property.

Where possible we will take the meter readings and if the Tenant is present, we can accept the return of the property’s keys on behalf of the Agent/Landlord. The Check-Out Report will be sent to the Agent/Landlord within 48 hours via email.


Letting Agents

For Letting Agents, customer service and reputation is everything. There is a lot to sort out managing properties and dealing with Landlords and Tenants, without being let down by your Inventory services provider.

The feedback we receive from new customers is that they have previously received a poor and unreliable service from their Inventory providers.

Have you experienced any of the following problems?

  • Inventory Clerks turning up late or not at all?
  • Poorly detailed and inaccurate Inventory Reports?
  • Inventories arriving unsigned weeks after the Tenants moved in?
  • Important details and specific evidence left off Check-Out Reports?
  • Expensive prices combined with a thoroughly unprofessional service?
  • The service received has made you and your business reflect badly with Landlords and Tenants affecting your reputation?

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, then we believe you will find our uncompromising quality of service to be refreshingly different.

For further information on our Inventory services for Letting Agents please contact Steven Threadgold or Sarah Lofting .

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Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on 6th April 2007 it has become a requirement for Landlords to ‘prove their case’ if there are to be any deductions made from a Tenant’s deposit.

The legislation is designed to protect Tenants and under the terms of the scheme adjudicators will review all relevant documents, including Inventory Reports, before the dispute resolution service or the courts decide how to divide deposit liabilities between Landlords and Tenants.

For Landlords, whether you let out a single property or you have a large portfolio, you need to safeguard your investment. You need to be able to prove damages or breakages have occurred during a Tenancy. The most effective way to do this and to avoid a potential dispute is to have your Tenants agree on the specific condition of your property and its contents before they begin occupancy.

This can be achieved by having an independent professionally prepared Inventory Report drawn up and then signed by your Tenants before they move in. By doing this you will be sending a clear signal to your Tenants that they will be held fully responsible for all damage, necessary repairs and renewal costs other than acceptable fair wear and tear.

When you consider the costs involved with both the purchase and maintenance of a property, plus the time and money spent on the presentation, most professional Landlords agree that a comprehensive Inventory Report is an essential tool in successful property management.

Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on 6th April 2007 it has become a requirement for Landlords to ‘prove their case’ if there are to be any deductions made from a Tenant’s deposit.

You can find further information about the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on the following websites:

The Deposit Protection Service:

My Deposits:

The Dispute Service:

For further information on our Inventory services for Landlords please contact Steven Threadgold or Sarah Lofting



The biggest area for potential problems and disputes between Landlords and Tenants is the condition of the property, fixtures and fittings at the end of the Tenancy.

As a Tenant you can protect yourself and most importantly your deposit, by having an independent Inventory Report prepared at the start of the Tenancy. This is absolutely vital for Tenants, particularly if your Landlord has failed to have their own independent Inventory Report drawn up and agreed with you prior to the start of your Tenancy.

An independent Inventory Report, including a schedule of condition, prepared at the beginning and end of your Tenancy is the best way to avoid disputes and issues relating to deposits. When you consider the substantial deposits that Tenants are required to pay to their Landlords when a property is let, (often equivalent to anything between one and six months rent), many Tenants are now taking advantage of the cost effective services that our company can provide for them.

We prepare Inventory Reports for all types of residential properties, from flats and houses, to shared accommodation, bedsits and Houses in Multiple Occupation. Whatever your requirements are, do not get caught out if you are renting property. Protect your interests with an independent Inventory Report prepared by our company.

For further information on our Inventory services for Tenants please contact Steven Threadgold or Sarah Lofting

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